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"Perhaps we are more familiar to this notion in English, and that's because we were first exposed to it from other cultures and civilizations and we were not educated to be preventive, to take care of our health before we had medical problems. But now, more and more of us are doing it. We want to do it. We understand and know how important it is
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We created the Health360 packages taking into account the varied needs of women of all ages. You can view information on the analyzes included in each package on health360.ro and read medical articles that are constantly published on the blog. The Health360 basic package for women between the ages of 30 and 40
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The Health360 program, designed by international guides to prevent the most common medical conditions, is divided into several customized packets for age, gender, and family history to maintain your well-being. Take two of the basic packages provided by the Diagnostic and Treatment Center Provita: The Health360 basic
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