"Perhaps we are more familiar to this notion in English, and that's because we were first exposed to it from other cultures and civilizations and we were not educated to be preventive, to take care of our health before we had medical problems.

But now, more and more of us are doing it. We want to do it. We understand and know how important it is to prevent instead of treating a medical problem in time.

Sometimes we take time for this: we stop for a few seconds and think we should go to some investigations. At a consultation. At other times, we only propose this, but we never find the time that seems necessary and too long for something that does not hurt right now. It even happens to us, the doctors.

What good would it be if some people we trust because they have experience, would tell us quickly if we are good or if we have to do something and what. Without wasting a lot of time, without having a lot of talks, without having to try, after we have been to various specialists, to put our own medical conclusions together.

With all these things in mind, I thought about the Health360 program. A program that aims at rigorously analyzing health in one day at one place: Diagnosis and Treatment Center PROVITA.

It is waiting for you:

  • a coordinating physician who has an overview of your health;/li>

  • Experienced specialist team of physicians ready to work for your benefit;

  • equipment and equipment to the highest standards for the investigations you need;

  • a set of specialized analyzes and consultations selected to be relevant for each age and gender category;

  • professional and human dialogues to interpret the results of medical investigations and referrals received from specialists.

All to be able to achieve this state of well-being that you deserve and need to keep. "

Dr. Ovidiu Palea, Provita General Manager

You probably wonder what the Health360 program is. Theoretically, the Health360 program is the first step to improving your lifestyle. Practically, Health360 is a complex set of medical investigations that aim to detect early-onset conditions and not only.


  • general clinical examination;

  • laboratory and imaging investigations;

  • nutrition assessment;

  • kinetotherapy assessment;

  • stress assessment.


The general clinical examination involves an anamnesis with your co-ordinating physician, Dr. Alina Teodoru, a specialist in family medicine, an important member of the team of professionals specializing in Europe and the United States, the Diagnostic and Treatment Center. They are ready to work for your benefit, both in specific medical competence and beyond, in a multidisciplinary team.


To indicate the presence of any abnormality, laboratory and imaging investigations relevant for increased risk of disease, age and gender were selected.


Nutrition evaluation is conducted by nutritionist Luminiţa Florea, diabetes specialist, nutrition and metabolic diseases.


Assessment performed by the BIODEX method, functional diagnosis that reveals functional musculo-articular asymmetries of the spine and limbs in order to alleviate their various deficiencies.


Stress assessment is done by Dr. Dana Stejar, psychiatrist specialist, psychotherapy.

But this is not all!

Package variants include, in addition to those in the basic package, the following:

  • Examination of the whole body by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

  • Examination of the whole body by nuclear magnetic resonance is a state-of-the-art screening investigation carried out using a 3 Tesla MRI device, which allows the detection of oncological tumor outbreaks. This investigation is recommended for periodic checks as well as for preventive investigation


Stress ultrasound allows identification of possible cardiac abnormalities that are responsible for patient's symptoms and which are not evident in rest.

Complex and effective, the Health360 program is designed with international guidelines and aims to prevent the most common medical conditions (cardiovascular disease, some cancerous diseases, burn out / exhaustion syndrome, major muscle instability, and more).

The Health360 packages are personalized by age, gender, and family history to maintain well-being in order to identify early-stage illnesses and to treat them correctly and quickly on the basis of investigations at the highest standards and of multidisciplinary consultations.

For more information, we are waiting for you on the Health360 website where we have a special section dedicated to the Health360 packages for women and men, and where we also publish medical articles.

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