The Neurosurgery and Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Center


When a patient is looking for us, it is an honor , but also a great responsibility. The patient puts his health and even life into our hands. Our duty is to offer both high quality medical and surgical support, but also psychological support. Once you become a patient, you become a friend, confident, fight along us to improve your life, you are part of our family. "Primum non nocere" is perhaps the idea that has opened the door to minimally invasive medicine.
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About the patients

Minimally invasive neurosurgery Why minimally invasive? Because using small access and advanced surgical techniques, we minimize neurological risks, infection rate, aesthetic deficiency and ensure rapid recovery, increasing perisurgical and postsurgical comfort. Minimally invasive is not just small incisions, but also observation of the nerve, vascular structures and all other tissues. At the beginning of surgery, the saying "great surgeon large incision"
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Cranio-cerebral surgery

Spinal surgery Spinal surgery or spine surgery involves a variety of treatments including painkillers, kinesitherapy, infiltrations and minimally invasive surgery, extensive backbone surgeons (screws, rods, etc.). The most common pathology of the spine is the disc bubonocele that can occur at any anatomical, lumbar, lymph level, cervical and thoracic the most rarely. Apart from the disc bubonocele, other pathologies related to its degeneration may also occur in the spine
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