Ophthalmology Center

About Center

The Provita Ophthalmology Center aims to address the entire pathology of the ocular globe and ocular annexes. Our specialists are physicians experienced in intraocular surgery (anterior segment - cataract, glaucoma, pterigion, posterior segment - vitreo-retinal pathology) in advanced laser treatment of ophthalmic pathology, in orbital-palpebral surgery.Our center offers a wide range of ophthalmic diagnostic services, ranging from full ophthalmic examination (visual acuity testing
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Our Specialists

HORIA STANCA Ophthalmology Primary Physician Ophthalmology Doctor of Medical Sciences Head of U.M.F. "Carol Davila" Bucharest Areas of expertise: - anterior segment surgery (cataract, glaucoma), - posterior segment surgery (vitreo-retinal surgery), - corneal laser refractive surgery, corneal cross-linking, - complex use of therapeutic lasers in ophthalmology, - medical retina, - high tech ophthalmology (optic coherence tomography, oculo-orbital ultrasound)
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Our expertise

Cataracts are opacification of the lens and lead to diminishing of near/distance vision. The only treatment that can cure cataracts is the surgical procedure. Cataract is operated if: visual acuity (the sharpness with which objects are perceived, writing) has decreased (with or without glasses); the patient's view is no longer satisfactory in order to carry out his usual daily activities; is at a very advanced stage and may lead to other ocular problems (eg secondary glaucoma
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