Presentation of the Ophthalmology Center

The Provita Ophthalmology Center aims to address the entire pathology of the ocular globe and ocular annexes. Our specialists are physicians experienced in intraocular surgery (anterior segment - cataract, glaucoma, pterigion, posterior segment - vitreo-retinal pathology) in advanced laser treatment of ophthalmic pathology, in orbital-palpebral surgery.

Our center offers a wide range of ophthalmic diagnostic services, ranging from full ophthalmic examination (visual acuity testing and correction, anterior and posterior biomicroscopy, intraocular pressure measurement) to complex investigations (tomography in optical coherence in spectral field, optical biometry and ultrasound, specular microscopy, corneal topography, corneal optic and ultrasonic pachytometry).

Laser treatments performed at Provita address both to anterior segment (iridotomy and YAG laser capsulotomy, peripheral iridoplasty) and posterior (transluminal embolism, posterior hiialodotomy, focal or extended retinal photocoagulation). Our experience in this field of ophthalmic laser is recognized through the specialization courses offered by our physicians and through national and European pioneering in the treatment of vitreoretinal pathology with laser photodetector YAG (the first publications in Europe on YAG transluminal embolization, the most large case of YAG laser hyaloidomies).

Ophthalmic surgery at Provita is done with the most modern techniques and technologies. Cataract surgery, in all its aspects, benefits from the extraordinary experience of our specialists. All kinds of cataract and the whole range of complex interventions are addressed by torsional ultrasonic facoemulsification, all types of intraocular implants (artificial crystalline) being available for optimal vision correction.

Glaucoma surgery benefits from varied, non-invasive, mini-invasive or invasive options. Cyclophotogastercoagulation of laser diode in micropulsated or continuous emission is another area in which our specialists have a vast experience, being pioneers of this technique..

Corneal cross-linking is a technique that induces increased corneal strain resistance, being recommended for patients with keratoconus or other corneal ectasis. Providing corneal cross-linking through iontophoresis, technology introduced in Romania for the first time in January 2013 by our specialists.

Oculo-plastic surgery in our Center benefits from the experience of well-known specialists who are approaching an extensive range of orbital-palpebral pathology.

In the Ophthalmology Center Provided our whole approach is aimed at improving and recovering the visual quality of patients. Our specialists are connected to the latest techniques and technologies, with a strong presence in international ophthalmology centers and events.

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