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Pain therapy is the treatment of diseases that have chronic or subacute pain as a symptom, and which result in a severe impairment of the quality of life. Pain management has become a specialty about 20 years ago and has since known unprecedented dynamics. In Europe, the prevalence of patients with chronic pain is 20% and 30% of the patients aged between 45 and 65 years old report chronic pain which is lasting more than one year.
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For the patients

Spinal infiltration (transforaminal) with long-lasting steroid is a minimally invasive method that introduces a local anesthetic and a very strong steroid on the inflamed nerve. The nerves that control the arms and legs come out of the spine through small lateral openings. These nerves become compressed, irritated and inflamed by intervertebral discs that are herniated or by bone deposits - those "beaks" that are visible even in Read more

For the doctors

The causes: Degenerative: sciatica, canal / foramen stenosis, sacroiliitis, spondylarthrosis, tachycardia, fractures, Oncology. Procedures / Interventions: RX or ultrasound guided steroid infiltration, radiofrequency nerve ablation for spondylarthrosis, percutaneous discectomy, endoscopic discectomy, endoscopic foraminoplasty, endoscopy (laparoscopic microsurgery), kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty,         Read more
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