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"What we can do aside the anamnesis is to talk to the patient. We ask him what it hurts, how it hurts him, when he hurts, when did the pain appear, if he knows what triggered the pain, because everyone has his own history. After tests we try to find out what is the painless level he has, from where we can conceive of a physiokinetotherapy plan, of course, already having the doctor's diagnosis
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Biodex is the most popular and advanced robotic dynamometer in the world for objective testing and neuro-articular recovery. BENEFITS OF THE BIODEX SYSTEM • allows patients to be evaluated before, during, and after the various recovery programs • allows to determine the degree of muscular training; • shaping the various exercises needed for training and recovery.
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Vacumed is the state-of-the-art medical recovery and restoration system based on aerospace medicine and revolutionary vacuum technology. Vacumed therapy consists of a rhythm of negative and positive pressure on lower limbs. Thus, there is a blood pressure rhythm of blood vessels, resulting in vasodilating and stimulating effects on oxygen and nutrient exchanges and the
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