Biodex is the most popular and advanced robotic dynamometer in the world for objective testing and neuro-articular recovery.


  • allows patients to be evaluated before, during, and after the various recovery programs
  • allows to determine the degree of muscular training;
  • shaping the various exercises needed for training and recovery.

Biodex comes with a new set of performance:

  • The new seat design allows for applications for both athletes and children;
  • The new software interface provides new reports, graphs and measurements, being the fastest in the world and easy to use;
  • Patient positioning has audio and visual aid;
  • the area occupied on the floor was significantly reduced;
  • exercises have improved;
  • new special programs;
  • Training and education programs, developed continuously after installation.

For more information, we are waiting for you at the Health360 website where we have a special section dedicated to kinetotherapy and where we also publish medical articles on this topic.

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