Vacumed is the state-of-the-art medical recovery and restoration system based on aerospace medicine and revolutionary vacuum technology. Vacumed therapy consists of a rhythm of negative and positive pressure on lower limbs. Thus, there is a blood pressure rhythm of blood vessels, resulting in vasodilating and stimulating effects on oxygen and nutrient exchanges and the opening of new vascular pathways.


• Significant improvement in local blood circulation;

• increased oxygen saturation of blood;

• reduction of interstitial edema;

• Accelerating the appearance of granulation tissue;

• increased collagen production;

• Opening new vascular pathways;

• reducing the intensity of pain;

• hurrying wound healing;

• improving physical capacity;

• reducing inflammation;

• improving mobility;

• reducing the size of the wounds;

• speeding up the rehabilitation process;

• restore microcirculation;

• healing of injuries, sprains, contusions, bruises, ligamentous lesions, muscle breaks, wounds;

• rehabilitation after prosthesis.

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