Dr. REBOSAPCA ADRIAN | Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Primary physician Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Doctor of Medical Sciences.

I. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

1. Excision and reconstruction after benign and malignant tumors of skin and soft tissues

Work protocol according to N.C.C.N. (National Comprehensive Cancer Network)

Multidisciplinary approach to malignant tumors

2. Repair surgery after traumatic injuries of the extremities

Peripheral nerve surgery: early or late post-traumatic

Post-traumatic nerve or tendon sequelae

3. Treatment of post-traumatic or post-operative scars

4. Surgical treatment of compression syndromes

Peripheral nerves - cubital, median, sciatic, trigeminal

Microsurgical Approach

II. Aesthetic Surgery

1. Aesthetic breast surgery

- breast implants

- breast asymmetry

- Mammary hypertrophy

- Reduction and / or ascension mamoplasty

- breast implantation with or without implant

2. Aesthetic Surgery of the Nose

- corrective rhinoplasty

3. Aesthetic surgery of the abdomen

- liposuction and / or total or partial abdominoplasty

- body remodeling after massive weight loss

4. Facial rejuvenation / beauty surgeon

- total or partial facial lifting with the patient's requirements, expectations and anatomical situation

- Non-invasive beauty techniques

5. Aesthetic surgery of the ears

- Correction of malformations of the auricular pavilion

6. Liposuction as a method of body remodeling

III. Rejuvenation and beauty treatments

Correcting mimic wrinkles, tired look of the face or texture of the skin by:

- botulinum toxin injection

- Hyaluronic acid based fillers for superficial and deep wrinkles, volumetry

- combined techniques for lip augmentation or rejuvenation; Depending on facial peculiarity and changes in age or mimic (or after weight loss), combined techniques and fat injection.

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