Dr. CIPRUT TUDOR | Radiology and Medical Imaging Doctor of medical sciences


* Computer Tomography (CT)

* Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MRI)

* CT second opinion (CT second opinion)

* MRI second opinion (MRI second opinion)


* 2003: PhD in medicine

* 1972-1978: Faculty of General Medicine, "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Military Department


2010-2017: oncology imaging courses in Europe, Japan, USA

2015-2017: Positron emission tomography combined with magnetic resonance imaging (PET-MRI) in Zurich, Switzerland

2007-2011: courses and investigational PET imaging mix emission tomography and computed tomography (PET-CT) Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland and Sparne, Netherlands

2007-2008: Erlangen Cardiovascular CT, Germany) and Orlando, S.U.A. CT and MRI of the chest: Oslo, Norway, 1993; Lille, France, 2000; Paris - Sorbonne, France, 2001 1995-2002: About 25 intensive MRI courses in Europe (Erasmus) and the U.S. (University of Pennsylvania and University of San Francisco, California)

1992: Ultrasound Courses, Central Military University Hospital, Bucharest

1989-1990: cardiovascular radiology course and radiology training courses, Fundeni University Hospital, Bucharest

1985-1986: neurological CT course, University Hospital "G. Marinescu ", Bucharest 1983-1985: computerized tomography course, Fundeni University Hospital, Bucharest


Competence In:

* PET-CT since 2009

* Cardiovascular CT since 2007

* Thoracic imaging since 1999

* MRI since 1995

* CT since 1992

* Radiology, since 1983


currently: CT, MRI and PET-CT expert at Hiperdia-Elias, Affidea Fundeni (former Euromedic), Neolife, Provita and Queen Maria

1990-2016: Chief of Department of Radiology and Imaging, Elias University Hospital, Bucharest

1995-2011: Head of Department and / or Medical Director in Private Clinics in Bucharest (Medsana, Sanotech, Euromedic, Sanador, Remedis, Hiperdia ProLife Elias, Diagno) 1999-2010: Head of the Department of Radiology and Imaging, Marius Nasta Pneumophysiology Institute, Bucharest

1999-2004: Medical director, Elias University Hospital, Bucharest

1993-1999: Head of CT Department, Emergency Hospital "Sf. Pantelimon "

1976-2002: Radiologist at the Central Military University Hospital (until 1990), respectively Elias University Hospital, Bucharest (withdrawn on request from the military service in 2002, with the rank of Colonel)


* author of books and specialized articles, published in medical journals from Romania and abroad

* clinical trials (medical research) for pharmaceutical companies such as Sandoz, Schering AG, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Teva, Bayer, Amgen, etc.


* Romanian Society of Radiology, since 1983

* European Society of Radiology, since 1995 I

* nternational Society of MRI, since 1997 Radiological Society of North America, since 2000

CONTRIBUTIONS Dr. Tudor Ciprut contributed as a co-author of numerous specialized articles.

* Serofibrinous pleurisy and angina with beta-hemolytic Streptococcus; intra-infectious glomerulonephritis (presentation of a case). (Ciochinaru M, Ispas LT, Ciprut T, Streinu-Cercel A, Vasiliu V.)

* Diagnosis and therapy of necrotizing pneumonia in adults (Ispas LT, Vainer E, Ciprut T, Socosan G, Vasiliu R, Stefanescu-Galati T.)

* The therapeutic and diagnostic Contribution of ceftazidime (Fortum) in Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a patient with chronic superinfection bronchopathy (Mihaltan F, Ulmeanu R, Cyprus T Dragos M)

* Risky diagnosis, rescue intervention (Mihaltan F, Paleru C, Ulmeanu R, Ciprut T, Mark C.)

* What is your diagnosis? What additional investigations would you recommend? What is the best attitude? (Mihaltan F, Ulmeanu R, Ciprut T, Ungureanu D, Saon C, Halic E, Duica I)

* Tracheomalacia and secondary tracheopatia osteocondroplasica - a case report (Mihaltan F, Ulmeanu R, Ciprut T, Ungureanu D, Nemes R, Halic E, Duica I, Marcu C.)

* Chemical obliterans bronchiolitis after azotic acid exposure (Mihaltan F, Marcu C, Ciprut T, Nemes R, Serbescu A, Halic E, Ungureanu D, Badea C, Davidescu L.)

* Radiation induced lung injuries secondary to radiotherapy for breast cancer (Toma CL, Ciprut T, Bugarin S, Rosca D, Bogdan MA.)

* Mediastinal pseudotumor (Strambu I, Stoicescu IP, Ciprut T.)

* Rewarded diagnostic perseverance (Mihaltan F, Ulmeanu R, Stoica R, Marta D, Ciprut T, Halic E, Duica I, Pantazi I, Trascau D, Pupaza A, Vladulescu C, Jilaveanu N.)

* An extensive left subperiosteal frontotemporal orbital abscess and left suppurative pansinusitis with an odontogenic origin (Rosca T, Mincu G, Sarafoleanu C, Sarafoleanu D, Ciprut T.)

* The Zollinger-Ellison syndrome with an extrapancreatic location of the gastrinoma (Soare M, Constantinoiu S, Lidia B, Mocanu A, Diculescu M, Ionita O, Ciprut T.)

* Virtual assessment of the endocranial morphology of the early modern European fossil calvaria from cioclovina, romania (Kranioti EF, Holloway R, Senck S, Ciprut T, Grigorescu D, Harvati K.)

* Predictive factors for pseudocysts and peripancreatic collections in acute pancreatitis (Diculescu M, Ciocirlan M, Ciocirlan M, Stanescu D, Ciprut T, Marinescu T.)

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