What is the Occupational Medicine?

Occupational medicine is the medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and management of the occupational diseases, work accidents, and health insurance, all in order to increase workplace productivity.

The Occupational Medicine Service, according to: Law no. 319/2006, the Methodological Norms of Application published in the Official Gazette no. 882 / 30.10.2006 and the Government Decision no. 355 of May 17, 2007regarding the medical examinations for each professional category, ensures:

  • monitoring the health of employees by:
    • medical examination on hiring - structured according to the profession and the risk exposure sheet; establishes the fitness for the work;
    • regular medical check - re-evaluation of the state of health;
    • medical exam on resumption of activity - for people who have interrupted the service for more than 30 days, for medical reasons;
    • medical fitness examination - establishes the work aptitude of the persons employed in workplaces with proven or potentially professional hazard;
  • professional rehabilitation and professional reorientation in case of work accident;
  • permanent collaboration with the family doctors of the hired personnel, informing on the state of health;
  • monitoringemployees' illness by taking evidence of sick leave certificates and following the evolution of the disease;
  • at the completion of the occupational health examinations, the employee and the employer will receive the result of the assessment through the medical record indicating the aptitude for the employment according to the profession and the position;
  • communication of professional risk to all factors involved in the process of work;
  • counseling the employer about adapting the work to the psycho-physiological characteristics of the employee;
  • counseling the employer to substantiate the health and safety strategy at work;;

Advantage of occupational health services:

  • reducing the number of days absent from work;
  • increasing the efficiency of the client's business;
  • checking and approving medical leave;
  • Examinations for occupational health can be done at the employer's premises if the company arranges a suitable hygienic-sanitary space for medical examinations.
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