Medicina muncii

Choose Provita Occupational Health services for your employees if you want:

Medical services at the highest national and international level

Access to comfortable, welcoming clinics with top equipment and facilities

Easy access to multidisciplinary teams of well-known physicians

Medical team presence to your headquarters (* for more than 10 employees)

Complete occupational medicine services

Medical exam on hiring

Periodic medical examinations at the employer's headquarters, for more than 10 employees

Medical exam on resumption of work

Diagnostic examinations necessary to determine the ability, the degree of impairment of work capacity due to chronic or acute conditions

Communicating professional risk to all factors involved in the work process. At the end of the periodic medical examination campaign, according to the pervads of the occupational medicine legislation according to the activity profile, reports are made to the employer. Reporting of the detected pathology is done numerically, respecting the express requirement of the confidentiality of the information in the medical records of the employees.

Primary evidence of occupational and occupational illnesses recorded in employee medical records

Elaboration of the maternal risk report by the medical practitioner

Preparation of the annual medical report

Participating in the assessment of occupational disease risks

Guidance on professional rehabilitation after occupational disease, occupational disease, work accident or chronic illness

Communicating the risk to all the actors involved according to the Law no.319 / 2006 Art.16

Employer counseling on the groundwork of workplace health and safety at the Workplace Safety and Health Committee

Reporting on pathology detected - will be done numerically, respecting the express requirement of the Privacy Privacy Act in the Employee Medical Records

Primary evidence of the occupational illnesses recorded in employee medical records

Consultancy in relation to the normative acts in force or all the changes that occur and which require new working measures for the performance of occupational health services

Consultancy for human resources, occupational health and work safety issues, for employee health issues that arise during work or work-related

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