Who we are

We are Provita. Before being doctors, we are people. We laugh, we greet, and surprisingly, we also hurt from time to time. And we treat ourselves. And we treat others as we treat ourselves. We are small enough to care for every patient who steps through our door. But we are big enough to have the best physicians and the most modern facilities. And we’re always up to date with the latest news and technologies, so that we can offer our patients extra care and peace of mind. We know our hand writing is not the best, but we make sure we explain everything, so you know what’s to be done, why and how it will help you. But most importantly, we want you to know this about us: we really like what we do. Being a doctor is a vocation, you are born with it, and then it’s also a profession, the one you learn. We like taking care of people. Let’s meet and greet, and then keep in touch to let each other know that we are well!

Dr. Ovidiu Nicolae Palea, Provita General Manager.

Why choose Provita

We are passionate doctors. At first, you get a "good day!", and after we get to know each other and we understand your needs, we build a personalized treatment that involves strictly what is necessary for each patient, with no extra medication or examinations.

Added value.
Each patient has a specific set of needs. Therefore, proper treatment is generally considered only after a thorough investigation of the patient’s health condition. The case manager is the one who studies each patient’s situation and develops a set of recommendations. And last but not least, we deliver this at the best price possible.

Plus of innovation.
Medicine is evolving rapidly, and we want to keep up the pace with developments by attending the most important conferences, events and training sessions from abroad, which help us work better and more efficient. Which means healthier and more satisfied patients.

Extra health We really wanted to open the Provita Medical Center, a place where everything is new, state-of-the-art, offering facilities that will help us take care of more people.


  • 2011 – We opened the first clinic: Provita imaging clinic Matei Bals – investigations and diagnosis (MRI/CT/EMG)

    Pain therapy – national premiere for minimally invasive procedures, meeting international guidelines and protocol requirements.

  • 2012 – Taking over Medical City Blue clinic and the inauguration of the second centre: Provita Diagnosis and Treatment clinic – Popa Savu

    We began working on our vision of developing a clinic oriented towards diagnosing and treating individual situations and patients, not illnesses.

  • 2015 – Provita Diagnosis and Treatment clinic, 20-22 Alexandrina Street

    We’ve extended our team with like-minded individuals. A united team of professionals, trained in Europe and the USA, ready to work together for the benefit of the patient.

  • 2016 – Opening of Provita Medical Centre, 82 Agricultori Street, district 2, Bucharest

    Provita Medical centre is the only one in Romania of its kind, oriented towards treating spinal disorders through minimally invasive interventions, as well as fluoroscopically or ultrasound guided infiltrations in joints, radiofrequency ablation, discectomy, endoscopy, epidural.

    Our multidisciplinary team gathers specialists with more than 25 years of international practice, in specialties such as pain therapy, neurosurgery, Orthopedic surgery of the spine, neurology, medical recovery.

Plus of medical procedures

The Provita Medical Center is the only one in Romania to treat columnal affections through minimally invasive column interventions, such as fluoroscopically or ultrasound guided infiltrations in the joints, endoscopic dissectomy radiofrequency ablation, epidural.

Different by passion.

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